N.J. MODERN STEEL CO.,LTD. Is the manufacturer and distributor of multipurpose containers for offices. houses, security forts, toilettes, showrooms and selling booths. All of them are modern styles, durable and movable as needed.

N.J. MODERN STEEL CO.,LTD. The special quality  of steel stuctures with the rust protection including high quality of imported sheets like Alusink with heat, humid and fire protection insulators weather condition. Moreover, the products are light and easy to install.

N.J. MODERN STEEL CO.,LTD. With well designed, quality control in every production processes of the experienced teams and the high efficiency affter sale sevices, it is guaranteed that the  
customer will be highly satisfiled with the premium quality products.

N.J. MODERN STEEL CO.,LTD.The outstanding quality is not limited only  to the style. The customer requirement, focusing on the Utilization can be applied to create the tailor made products in different styles as well. 


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